Digital Files of Your Image

PhantomBiker now offers Digital Files of your "Ride to the Sky!" image. With a Digital File you can easily post your image online and/or make as many prints as you'd like. Digital Files are available in two resolution sizes and each of those resolution sizes has three options.

Sizes for Digital Files
Two resolution sizes are available: Digital Plus and Digital Pro.

A Digital Plus file can be used on social media/internet and has a resolution suitable for making both 5x7 and 8x10 prints.

A Digital Pro file may also be used electronically and its higher resolution can create all sizes of prints: 5x7, 9x10, 11x14 and 16x20. Digital Pro is the highest resolution file available from PhantomBiker.

Either resolution size may be used to make as many prints as you'd like (non-commercial use only).

Options for Digital Files
Three options are available for either size of Digital File:

The "Two 'n One" option

The "Two 'n One" design features a close-up view of the bike and rider and a smaller insert view of the entire scene. This design also includes an inscription "Ride to the Sky!, Mt. Washington, NH June - 2021".

The "Two 'n One" design works well for 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20 prints but does not lend itself to the 5x7 format. For that reason those who order the "Two 'n One" Digital File in the Digital Pro size will receive two files: one file containing the "Two 'n One" design cropped and adjusted for the larger prints and one file cropped for 5x7 which does not have the "Two 'n One" format.

The Inscription option

Either Digital File may be ordered with the optional inscription: "Ride to the Sky!, Mt. Washington, NH June 2021.