Questions and Answers

How your order is processed:
  • Our hosting service does not send an order confirmation and we do not return from Mt. Washington until four days after the last day of the rally.
  • We process the orders in the sequence in which they are received. We work on each individual image -- this takes time but guarantees that you will receive the best possible product.
  • We return from Mt. Washington four days after the rally ends and then begin working on each order. We work on each order in the sequence they were placed. All of these factors mean that it may take some time before we can deliver your order. Example: if you rode up the mountain on Wednesday of the rally, we don't begin working on orders until the following Wednesday. And we start with the order placed on the Friday before your ride up the mountain.
  • We appreciate your patience as we work to process all the orders from Mt. Washington.

I can't find my image on your website.

Bikers often contact us and indicate they can't find their image on our website. Below are some common reasons:
  • Make sure you rode up Mt. Washington during Laconia Bike Week. We are on the mountain from the Friday before Bike Week through the Sunday Bike Week ends. We are not on the mountain any other time of the year.
  • Check to make sure you select the proper day you rode up the mountain. We are on the mountain two Fridays, two Saturdays and two Sundays (weather permitting).
  • You should have a estimate of the time you rode up the mountain. If you rode with others, check to see what time they believe you made the ascent.
  • If you rode with others, check their images online. You should be in that group.

I still can't find my image...

If you can't find your image and others who rode with you see their image online, then there is a possibility that we we did not take your picture.
  • Sometimes bikes ride so closely together and pass by the camera person so rapidly that -- very rarely -- the cameraman will miss a bike. This is a very rare occurence (of 4000 bikers, for example, the cameraman may miss two or three -- or maybe miss none!) but it can happen.
  • If there are not many bikers on the mountain and you are riding a "quiet" bike, the camera person may not be aware that you are approaching and could miss you.
  • If there is an accident on the mountain near the camera person, bikes tend to back up and wait for an opportunity to proceed. The camera person -- also a biker -- may be assisting with the incident and will not be able to take your picture.
  • All pictures are online -- if your image is not on our website, it will not be available.

Can you remove another bike that's in the original image?
In most cases, the answer is yes. If the other bike is in front of your bike so parts of your bike are obscured, then we can't be of assistance. If the other bike is behind your bike and you are overlapping it, we may be able to remove the other bike and rider. If the other bike is separate from your bike, we will automatically strive to remove the other bike. Contact PhantomBiker if you have questions regarding this issue.

Can I get a "composite" picture made of me and other bikers riding together?
Occasionally we have had requests to make a composite of two, three or four bikes riding together so all bikes are in the same image. Although each bike picture is a separate image, we can usually combine them together into one image. Contact PhantomBiker regarding this request -- we will inspect the images, determine if the composite can be made an provide a quote for you for the composite.

Can I obtain an image from a previous year?
Images from previous years are kept on file. For images taken in 2021 and later, click on the link "Previous Years". For images taken before 2021, contact PhantomBiker at: