Mount Washington "Ride to the Sky"

Find Your Image
  1. On the Home page, click on the link: FIND YOUR IMAGE or go to:

  2. When the link opens an image for each day during the rally will appear. The date which the images were taken is listed under the image. Click on the image and you'll be taken to all the images taken that day.

  3. When that link opens, you'll see a large image. Scroll down and directly under that large image -- in small type -- are links to the time periods for that day. Select the time period in which you rode up the mountain.

  4. Scroll through the images in that time period to find your image. If you get to the end of the images in that time period, a "View More" link will appear.
    a. Clicking on the "View More" link will take you to the next time period.
    i. If you want to go to a previous time period, scroll back to the top of the images and then select the previous time period from the small links directly under the large opening image.

Hints for Ordering

When you find your image, click on it and a larger view of your image will appear.

  1. If that is your image, click on the small "BUY" button located at the top right of the screen.

  2. That button will open the purchase options you have for your image. You can select from the following:
    a. "The Digital Collection"
    b. "Two 'n One" Digital Files
    c. "Standard Digital Files"
    d. "The ScreenSaver Series
    e. "Prints from your Ride to the Sky!"

  3. Click on the product which you'll be purchasing. A label is listed under each product category image.
    i. A description of the items in that category will appear.
    ii. If you selected a category you didn't want, click the left arrow button in the upper left above the price to return to the categories.
    iii. Select the options in the category which you would like to purchase. "Standard Digital Files" and "Custom Prints" have two rows of'll need to select one option from each row.
    iv. When your selection is complete, click "ADD TO CART"
    v. A note will appear that it's been added to the cart.
    vi. Click on the "BUY" again and the buying options will again appear
    vii. Select another option or select "VIEW CART" at the bottom right of the screen
    viii. Your cart will appear. Review the items in the cart. If items are there that you do not wish to purchase, remove that item by clicking the small "x" next to the item's price.
    ix. In the "Order Summary" click "Proceed to Checkout" or "Continue Shopping"
    x. In Checkout, fill in your information. The shipping and taxes are notuyet calculated.
    xi. Click "Next" and the Order Summary" appears. Here is where taxes and shipping are listed.
    Note: This images hosting software requires an amount be added to shipping. Since there is no shipping charges for digital products and shipping has already been added to the price of Custom Prints, thee would be not shipping charges listed. But because an amount is required, we have added $ .05 for shipping. Taxes are automatically calculated by state.
    xii. Continue with the normal checkout procedure.