The Digital Collection
The Digital Collection includes all the high resolution files and design options available from PhantomBiker as well as the popular ScreenSaver Series. Included in the Digital Collection is (1) the original, high resolution and uncropped image, a cropped image suitable for making 8x10, 1114 and 16x20 prints, a cropped file used for creating 5x7 prints, the "Two 'n One" design in both low resolution and high resolution formats and the complete ScreenSaver Series. With the Digital Collection you'll have all the formats and resolutions needed to place your image online, to use on social media and to make prints and posters. The Digital Collection is the most popular product from PhantomBiker!

"Two 'n One" Digital Package
The "Two 'n One" design is created from your original "Ride to the Sky!" image. The "Two 'n One" digital file features a large close-up view of you (and your passenger) and your ride along with a smaller inset of the mountain background. This file is cropped to fit an 8x10, 11x14 or 16x20 format. A second file is also included: this file is the original file, adjusted for color and sharpness and uncropped.

Digital File with Inscription
The Digital File with Inscription is a high resolution file cropped to fit the 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20 format. The image has an inscription placed on the bottom of the image; the inscription reads "Ride to the Sky", Mt. Washington, NH, June (and the year).

Digital File (No "Two 'n One" layout and no Inscription)
This high resolution Digital File is created from the original image and is adjusted for color and sharpness. This file is cropped to accommodate 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20 formats. Create any of these size prints or use the file for online/social media posts.

ScreenSaver Series:
The ScreenSaver Series offers 5 different views of your original image. The views range from a wide angle to a close up of the rider. All views are low resolution and are meant for internet and social media use (each image is not high resolution and therefore the views are not suitable to make prints.

Custom Prints
(Note: All prices include shipping)

5x7 Prints (2 prints per order)
Two 5x7 Prints: $27.95
Two 5x7 prints with inscription: $30.95

8x10 Prints
One 8x10 print: $27.95
One 8x10 print with inscription: $30.95
One 8x10 print with "Two 'n One" design: $35.20

11x14 Prints
One 11x14 with no inscription: $33.95
One 11x14 with inscription: $36.95
One 11x14 with "Two 'n One" design: $41.20

16x20 Prints
One 16x20 with no inscription: $46.95
One 16x120 print with Inscription: $49.95
One 16x20 with "Two 'n One" design: $54.20