PhantomBiker's Recommendations:

For the most versatility, PhantomBiker recommends The Digital Collection

The Digital Collection is the best value and - although it does cost more - the Collection contains all the designs and formats available from PhantomBiker.
1. The original high resolution file
2. A file formatted for making 5x7 prints and a high resolution file formatted for making 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20 prints
3. The "Two 'n One" format in two files (high resolution and low resolution)
4. The ScreenSaver Series which is ideal for online and social medial posting

Relive the Ride though the Digital Collection

PhantomBiker recommends Digital Files vs. Custom Prints

With Digital Files you can make as many prints as you like. Store the Digital File in case any prints you make become damaged. Give a print of your ride to others. And Digital Files may be posted on social media and internet sites. Make your own prints and post - with Digital Files.

PhantomBiker recommends the "Two 'n One" Option
Regardless of the size of Digital File or Custom Print, we recommend the "Two 'n One" option. The unique design of the "Two 'n One" features a close up of the bike and rider(s) with a smaller insert image including the mountainous background of your "Ride to the Sky!"

No shipping costs with Digital Files
Because Digital Files are delivered through the internet there is no shipping fee built into the price of the file. By contrast, Custom Prints have a shipping cost included in the Custom Print price.