Phantom's Stained Glass

PhantomBiker offers unique stained glass art pieces custom made for each order.

Unless otherwise noted, stained glass pieces are illuminated by variable intensity LED lighting and all illuminated stained glass -- except for "Blazing Sun" -- are framed. The illuminated version of "Blazing Sun" is supported by metal stands. LED backlighting allows the stained glass to be placed anywhere and can be enjoyed any time of day. The backlighting for both stained glass and photography emphasizes the colors and detail of both mediums.

Each stained glass piece is created by special order only. Stained glass colors and the glass itself will vary for each piece due to differences in glass and the availability of the stained glass itself.

"Safe Passage"
After a long ocean voyage, a lighthouse is a welcome sight -- offering the promise of safety and security to the weary sailor.

"Safe Passage" symbolizes the way forward -- a help in navigating our way through life's rough waters. And we are grateful for others who offered a beacon of hope in time of need.

Backlit stained glass. Approx. size: 17.25 x 9 x 2.75" $325

"Tree of Life"
The "Tree of Life" - with roots reaching deep into the soil, its trunk supporting newly formed branches - joins past to present to future.

The "Tree of Life" reminds us that we are inter-connected and depicts a symbolic connection to our ancestors. The tree sprouts from seed, grows and branches out creating new growth that gives life to the next generation.

Backlit stained glass. Approx. size: 14" x 16" x 2.75" $495

"Wilderness Song"
"Wilderness Song" was inspired by the cry of a wolf on Isle Royale -- a haunting sound of the wilderness.

Backlit stained glass. Approx. size: 17.5" x 13.5" x 2.75" $375

"Meadow's Sunrise"
"Meadow's Sunrise" celebrates the rising of the sun and the promise of new life.

Backlit stained glass. Approx. size: 11" X 14" X 2.5" $295

"Among Friends"
Our lives are entwined with others -- intermingled we share our lives with others.

"Among Friends" combines nearly 100 pieces of glass, metal, wood and solder.

Backlit stained glass. Approx. size: 14" x 15.5" $529

"Bird of Paradise"
"Bird of Paradise" -- a beautiful flower which represents faithfulness and love. The Bird of Paradise is also the official flower for the ninth wedding anniversary.

Note: The Bird of Paradise is not an internally lit piece but is illuminated by an exterior art light (included in the price. Rechargeable batteries recommended.)

Illuminated by external art light. Approx. size: 13.5" x 11.25 x 2.75" $315

"Daybreak" -- the rising sun signifying the beginnings of a new day -- or a new start in life.

Designed for a hallway or entryway, "Daybreak" is a large stained glass piece which brightens any area during the day and is a dramatic accent light at night.

Backlit stained glass. Approx. size: 20" X 40" X 2.5" $430

"Blazing Sun"
A vivid display of reds and yellows, "Blazing Sun" features keeps and ever-present eye on Earth. "Blazing Sun" is available in two versions: a backlit version and a stand-alone version.

Backlit Blazing Sun: The piece is illuminated by ultra-thin, variable intensity LED backlighting. The piece is supported by a twin frames mounted on a cherry wood base. (As with all illuminated pieces, the "Backlit Blazing Sun" is viewable from the front only.)

Stand-Alone Blazing Sun: The piece is supported by a metal stand and is not self-illuminated. It is viewable from either side; the "eye" is located on one side only.

Approx. size - backlit version: $495
Stained glass: 14" x 10.5" x 1" Overall dimension: 23" x 14.5" x 4"
Stand-alone version: $295
Approx. size - 15" X 12" X 3.5"
"Midnight Sail"
Inspired by an open ocean sail from New England to the Caribbean, "Midnight Sail" depicts a lone yacht amid the vast ocean and beneath an endless sky.

This unique piece features complete glass sections and a minimum of glass pieces.

Backlit stained glass. Approx. size 17.5" x 11/5" x 2.75" $395